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Shoot with Little Bug

Just added the shots of Little Bug. Was going for an interpretation of Aquarius. The shot went well, overall I'm pretty happy with how the shots look but there are some changes that will be made as I plan to reshoot this.

First, in retrospect I don't think this model was suited that well for what I wanted. He ended up looking more dreamy than I liked. I was going for a cool, young, 'over it' kind of vibe, which was given in some of the shots but overall, I wasn't satisfied.

In terms of the props used, I should have been more conscious of them. I like the bottle and vessels of water, but in some of the standing shots, the use of a chair in the foreground got in the way, and made a lot of good shots unusable, just because I thought the set didn't really make sense and was distracting.

So, lesson learnt: Be more conscious of the set and props and how they appear in the photo with the model.

One thing I'm really happy with though is that I took less shots but all were in focus! Not one was unclear, so I'm happy about that!

Check out the rest of the images in the Studio tab.

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