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AI + Photo = Wha?

Lately I've been harvesting images from my Instagram feed- mostly fitness thots and instagays that I feed to Runwayml's Expand Image tool that uses AI to fill in the gaps. The images I'm attracted to are from Blue magazines from the 70/80/90s featuring men. The resulting ai-photo hybrid images are usually grotesque or unnerving. Bodies become abstracted, limbs cut off or multiplied, faces constructed and melting.

I'm framing this process as a dialogue of conversation with the AI/machine- where the resulting work is a collaboration between the human and machine. However, since the primary photo image is sourced from my Instagram feed- which is a produced via algorithm converting my data into a curated stream of images... is it really just machines working with machines? As a human, is my part in this project simply the ctrl + click of fingers on keyboard, mouse?

I want to share some images here, but I'm out of space on Wix's internal harddrive. I have to upgrade my account for more drive space...

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